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সিটিজেন চার্টার

Citizen Charter

Chittagong Port Authority

চট্টগ্রাম বন্দর কর্তৃপক্ষ




Citizen Charter

June 2008

The Chittagong Port Authority is the principal seaport of Bangladesh. Chittagong Port is handling about

90% of the total maritime trade of the country. An average growth rate of container traffic of 12%

annually since last decade. In the new international economic order, ports were no longer were modal

interfaces between surface transport and sea transport. They are now logistics and distributional

platforms in the supply chain network that drove trade competitiveness. Provision of timely, cost–

efficient accountable service to customers was an equally important objective of Chittagong Port.

Hence, there was an urgent need to promulgate the Citizen’s Charter.


To achieve international standard of efficiency and productivity against pre‐set indicators for sea port by

providing necessary level of service and facilities to the port users/ stakeholders at competitive prices

and shortest possible time.


• To manage, maintain, improve and develop the port

• To maintain adequate and efficient world‐class services and facilities in the port or the

approaches to the Port

• To regulate and control of vessels berthing, safe movement and navigation within the port and

Karnaphuli Channel

• To do such acts and things as may be necessary or convenient to be done in connection with, or

incidental or conducive to the performance of its functions under Port Ordinance 1976

(Amended 1995)

• To develop a highly trained and motivated workforce to meet the growing demands of the port


• To take all necessary measures to ensure International standard of environment and port



• To provide the highest international standard of service to ship and cargo/container

• To provide the highest standard of safety and security according to ISPS code 2002

• To provide services within minimum cost and least possible time

• To ensure round‐the‐clock port operation


The Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) is an autonomous body, functioning under the administrative

control of the Ministry of Shipping, Govt. of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh. As per CPA Ordinance

1976 (amended 1995), Board is the highest level of authority in discharging its functions guided on

questions of policy by such direction as may be given to it from time to time by the government. The

Board comprises the Chairman (Chief Executive), Member (Harbour and Marine), Member

(Engineering), Member (Finance) and Member (Admin and Planning). 15 departments under supervision

and control of Chairman & Members however, carry on day to day administration of the CPA Board. The

core responsibilities of these departments are given below:

Departments and their Core jobs/Responsibilities Contact person and

Telephone number

Administration Department

Formulation and execution of policies on administrative and personnel

matters including O&M, rules and regulations, human resource

development and industrial relations.

Director (Admin)

Tel: 88‐031‐2510874

Fax: 88‐031‐2510889

Departments and their Core jobs/Responsibilities

Contact person and

Telephone number

Secretary Department

Dealing with public relations protocol and press. Ensuring constant application of

overall policies of the board and follow up with the policy matters of overall

management and coordination.


Tel: 88‐031‐2510869

Fax: 88‐031‐2510889

Planning Department

Assesses port development requirements. Prepare development schemes;

determine technical and economic feasibility of projects and monitoring of

ongoing projects.

Chief Planning

Tel: 88‐031‐2510886

Fax: 88‐031‐2510883

Traffic Department

To provide stevedoring, shore handling and warehousing facilities to include

berthing/unberthing and services related to cargo and container handling.

Director (Traffic)

Tel: 88‐031‐2510 878

Fax: 88‐031‐2510 889

Security Department

Ensuring round‐the‐clock security services to protect cargo/property within the

port protected area and combat piracy within the port maritime limit in

association with Army, Navy, Coast Guard and Marine department/CPA

implementation of ISPS code and Port Special Measures Act to make a world

class secured port.

Director (Security)

Tel: 88‐031‐2510884

Fax: 88‐031‐2510889

Medical Department

Controlling and providing all medical services to all employees of CPA and crews

of vessels calling at Chittagong Port.

Chief Medical Officer

Tel: 88‐031‐2510876

Fax: 88‐031‐2510889

Marine Department

Ensuring marine operation, Conservancy, Pilotage, Berthing/ unberthing, policies

of ISPS code, disaster forecasting planning & coordination, contingency planning

& salvage and Ships logistic facilities.

Deputy Conservator

Tel: 88‐031‐2510842

Fax: 88‐031‐2510 889

Hydrography Department

Ensuring detail Hydrographic survey, dredging operation, river training and water

related investigations including tide and current for proper navigability in the

Karnaphuli Channel.

Chief Hydrographer

Tel: 88‐031‐2510840

Fax: 88‐031‐2510889

Marine Workshop

Ensure optimum use of equipment and water crafts installed/operated at marine


Dy. Chief Engineer


Tel: 88‐031‐2510843

Fax: 88‐031‐2510889

Electrical & Mechanical (E & M) Department

Ensuring electrical & mechanical operations, maintenance and conduct operation

for schedule facilities (electricity, telephone, transports, gas etc.) and equipment

including all cargo and container gears.

Director (E & M)

Tel: 88‐031‐2510877

Fax: 88‐031‐2510889

Engineering Department (Civil) including Estate Branch Responsible for

maintenance and execution of all civil engineering works related to port.

Chief Engineer

Tel: 88‐031‐2510893

Fax: 88‐031‐2510889

Departments and their Core jobs/Responsibilities

Contact person and

Telephone number

Store Department

Co‐ordinating and ensuring proper planning and procurement of goods, spares,

stationeries and other required stores as demanded from consuming

departments on least‐cost‐basis.

Controller of Stores

Tel: 88‐031‐2510891

Fax: 88‐031‐2510889

Finance & Accounts Department

Formulating accounting and financial policies, procedure, methods, system,

statements reports including internal accounting, record keeping and final

accounts, preparation of budget, budget guidelines and performing other

financial activities.

Chief Finance &

Accounts Officer

Tel: 88‐031‐2510880

Fax: 88‐031‐2510889

Computer Centre

To provide all technological support to install and maintenance of computer and

accessories within the CPA premises.

System Analyst

Tel: 88‐031‐2510853

Fax: 88‐031‐2510889

Audit & Inspection Department

Conducting internal audit and inspection to ensure that Port Authority’s assets

are adequately controlled and safeguarded and properly utilized.

Chief Audit Officer

Tel: 88‐031‐2510857

Fax: 88‐031‐2510889

Services Provided by CPA in Brief

Department wise Services Time frame

Contact person

and Phone number

Marine Department Deputy Conservator

Tel: 88‐031‐2510842

Harbour Master

Tel: 88‐031‐2510839

Dock Master

Pilotage Services 24 Hours

Navigational Channel Conservancy 48 Hours

Berthing/un‐berthing including Radio Control 24 Hours

Fresh water supply to ships in jetties 12 Hours Tel: 88‐031‐2510854

Radio Supervisor

Tel: 88‐031‐2510856

Fax: 88‐031‐2510855

Fresh water supply to ships in outer anchorage 24 Hours

(in good


Providing supports of Tug Boats, Mooring Boats, Buoy Lifting

Vessels etc. as and when required.

As per


ISPS code related services As per


Contingency planning and salvage As per


Department wise Services Time frame

Contact person

& Phone number

Traffic Department

Stevedoring and shore handling services through

Berth operator/Terminal operator operation


Round the clock Director (Traffic)

Tel: 88‐031‐2510 878

Terminal Manager

Tel: 88‐031‐801497

Dy. Traffic Manager


Tel: 88‐031‐2510852

Dy Traffic Manager


Tel: 88‐031‐2510866

Fax: 88‐031‐2510889

Dy Traffic Manager

(ICD, Dhaka).

Tel: 88‐02‐935 4084

88‐02‐935 6787

Services related to receiving, delivery and shipment of

cargo/ container

Round the clock

Delivery of cargo/ container through Roads, Rail and

Water ways

1 Hour

Transhipment/ re‐shipment services Round the clock

Storage facilities for break bulk cargo and container Round the clock

Hazardous cargo handling and storage facility 1 Hour

CFS services for LCL containers 1 Hrs (Day time)

Weigh bridge facility 10 Minutes

ICD delivery facilities in Dhaka 1 Hours

One Stop Service for documentation of break bulk

and containerised cargo with on‐line banking facilities

30 Minutes

Delivery services at outer anchorage Round the clock

Issuance/renewal of various licences/NOCs to the

stakeholders/ users

5 Days

Settlement of claims/refund of over payment 45 days after


Department wise Services Time frame

Contact person

& Phone number

Security Department Ensure on board security of foreign

vessels and crews through watchmen appointed by

shipping agents

Round the clock Director (Security)

Tel: 88‐031‐2510884

Dy Director (Security)

Manage and maintain a full‐fledged standby Fire Service


Round the clock Tel: 88‐031‐ 2511530


Ext. 2502, 2555

Fax: 031‐2510889

Issuance of Temporary Gate Pass/ NOCs to all users 10 Minutes

Issuance/renewal of various licences/ Permanent Gate

Pass to the stakeholders/ users

5 Days

Hydrography Department

Supply Tidal data and Water quality data to different

organizations/ institutions for research

48 Hours Chief Hydrographer

Tel: 88‐031‐2510840

Sr Hydrographer (Plng)

Tel: 88‐031‐2522201‐29

Ext‐ 2331

Sr Hydrographer (Field)

Tel: 88‐031‐2522201‐29

Ext‐ 2545

Fax: 88‐031‐2510889

Supply River Survey Chart to different organizations as per

govt instructions

48 Hours

Issuance of dredging permission to out side

agencies/organisations for removing silts or collection of

sands from navigational Channel

45 Days

Provide Dredging and Survey Assistance to various


45 Days

Estate Branch

Provide licence/lease/rent‐out to the customers for

agricultural, non‐agricultural and commercial land of the


2‐3 Months

(based on the

merit of cases)

Dy Manager (Estate)

Tel: 88‐031‐2510864

Renewal of licence/lease provides licence/lease/ rent‐out

to the customers for agricultural, non‐agricultural and

commercial land of the port

1‐ 3 Months

(based on the

merit of cases)


CPA has launched its own website www.cpa.gov.bd incorporating all its information/data including

Services, Schedule of Charges and all tender notices for goods, works & services of the port. For any

information users are requested to visit the above website.

Suggestions/Grievances and Clarifications

For availing any services or to lodge any grievances, criticisms or suggestions and clarifications, our

valued port users are requested to consult with the concerned Departmental Officers over contact

numbers as mentioned. Besides, port users may forward their comments to any of the following

addresses for overall improved operating efficiency and level of services:

1. Member (Admin & Planning)

Chittagong Port Authority

Bandar Bhaban, P.O.Box No. 2013

Chittagong‐4100, Bangladesh.

Phone: 88‐031‐2526004

Fax: 88‐031‐2510 889

e‐mail: map@cpa.gov.bd

2. Secretary

Chittagong Port Authority

Bandar Bhaban, P.O.Box No. 2013

Chittagong‐4100, Bangladesh.

Phone: 88‐031‐2510869

Fax: 88‐031‐2510 889

e‐mail: secycpa@cpa.gov.bd

3. CPA Liaison Office cum Rest House

House # 60/1,(3rd to 5th floor),

Road # 4/A, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka.


4. Complain Box placed in Ground floor, Bandar Bhaban and One‐stop service centre within port

protected area.